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Secure your competitive edge in UK homecare and supported living market

Homecare and Supported Living UK market report sixth edition
details a market now valued at £12.4 billion. With key insights into market structure, policy, regulation, major providers and investors, this report reflects on how homecare and supported services have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic years.

Homecare and Supported Living UK Market Report 6ed
Authored by William Laing | Published: 11th June 2024 | pp. 384

The Homecare and Supported Living UK market report sixth edition by LaingBuisson is indispensable reading for anyone involved in this fragmented and complex market. This report provides key analysis for advisors, investors, commissioners, policymakers, service providers and other stakeholders invested in the market.

Written by leading market commentator William Laing in the spring of 2024, the report includes fully updated data and market insights showcasing the market’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. Unique to this edition is original LaingBuisson research detailing the potential for profitable business models even in the highly challenged council-paid visiting homecare segment. Location and caseload are critical deciding factors in this.

In addition to detailed market calculations, the report also contains key narratives about the development of the market since the austerity years. In the years preceding this, suppressed activity continued until the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2022), during which residential care was largely inaccessible for new admissions. After a slight dip in volume in 2022/23, the market is projected to grow due to demography and local authority commissioners’ preferences for non-residential care.

Read together with Care Homes for Older People and Adult Specialist Care market reports to gain a series that illustrates the state of non-residential and residential care for adults over 18 and gives a comprehensive market picture not found anywhere else.

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LaingBuisson is the chosen provider of independent sector healthcare market data to the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics.

What's inside?

  • Detailed overview of the UK homecare and supported living market, now valued at £12.4 billion, including post-Covid-19 trends

  • Insights into the regulatory landscape and political factors affecting the sector, including the impact of the 1993 community care reforms

  • Examination of local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and private payors, with a focus on 'fair cost of care' comparisons

  • Analysis of investment opportunities and financial performance, including original research on profitable business models in council-paid homecare

  • Profiles of leading homecare and supported living providers, with further insight into the opportunities for tech-enabled providers and sector diversification

  • Overview of staffing challenges and opportunities, emphasising the role of micro-providers in delivering homecare services

  • And much more...

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"Additionally, upskilled homecare providers could secure contracts or subcontracts to deliver integrated community-based care services for local authorities and the NHS, as well as participate in the planned expansion of virtual wards and population health initiatives."
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William Laing, Founder & Executive Chairman, LaingBuisson

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