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Private Healthcare Self-Pay UK Market Report 6th Edition

Tap into the growing self-pay private healthcare market

As more patients choose private healthcare, LaingBuisson's latest research offers comprehensive guidance on the expanding self-pay market, drawing on unique observations from the past decade. Gain valuable insights into market trends, survey analyses, price comparisons, and more to make well-informed decisions.

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Sixth edition
Private Healthcare Self-Pay UK Market Report
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Authored by Liz Heath | Published: 27th June 2024 | pp. 384

The sixth edition of LaingBuisson’s Private Healthcare Self-Pay UK Market Report, sponsored by GoPrivate, contains pricing data analysis up to May 2024 and is essential for stakeholders across the private healthcare sector. Tailored for hospital and clinic senior executives, acute medical care providers, private medical insurance groups, and more, it provides crucial insights to make strategic decisions.

Included with the most recent pricing data analysis and 2023 hospital episode analysis, the Report details a market that has grown significantly, driven by NHS waiting times and patient demand for faster access to care. This is underpinned by high demand for orthopaedic and ophthalmological services, with growth also seen in general surgery and gynaecology.

The self-pay market experienced significant disruptions during 2020-2021, impacting all sectors,  and now experiences disruptions in the form of economic pressures and the cost-of-living crisis. Despite these challenges, self-pay demand remains robust, signalling a lasting shift towards private healthcare.

LaingBuisson forecasts steady market growth, with insured patient activity indicating sustained interest in private healthcare. Regarding self-pay options, they remain integral to provider strategies and are expected to drive strong medium-term growth. 

The Report also covers regional dynamics, with London and the South East accounting for the highest regional areas of self-pay. Interestingly, LaingBuisson observed an increase in self-pay demand in traditionally low self-pay regions, such as the North East, Wales, Scotland and the South West.

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LaingBuisson is the chosen provider of independent sector healthcare market data to the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics.

What's inside?

  • Dive into comprehensive research on current market trends and future projections

  • Understand perspectives from leading healthcare providers shaping the market

  • Analyse procedure pricing strategies across providers to uncover competitive advantages

  • Explore financial models and payment schemes available to patients

  • Gain insights into patient decision-making and preferences within private healthcare

  • Forecast future trends and strategic recommendations for navigating the evolving self-pay landscape

  • And much more...

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The product will be launched at 12:00 BST on Tuesday 11th June 2024

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"The concept of paying to secure rapid access to diagnosis and treatment now appears well-embedded among the general population. A large part of this is clearly connected to NHS waiting lists and waiting times for treatment, which have not improved. "
Liz Heath, Report Author & Consultant, LaingBuisson

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